Highly experienced in criminal and regulatory law.

The Law Office of Paul M. Cooper, Barrister is built on a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise in criminal and regulatory law. We are committed to our clients’ best interests and work to achieve the best possible results as early and cost-effectively as possible.

Criminal Trials

We represent individuals and corporations charged with a wide range of criminal offences, including theft, impaired driving, sexual assault, murder, and complex fraud, at all levels of court. On numerous occasions, we have defended individuals charged with drug offences under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, as well as individuals charged with criminal organization and conspiracy offences. We regularly defend young people charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Regulatory Defence

We represent individuals charged with complex regulatory offences in a number of industries under the Income Tax Act, Environmental Protection Act, Labour Act, and Highway Traffic Act. We have significant experience representing corporations facing regulatory charges.


We are experienced in appellate litigation and regularly assist clients with appeals to the Summary Conviction Appeal Court (Superior Court), the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada. We also represent individuals responding to Crown appeals from acquittals at trial.

Professional Discipline

We are skilled and experienced in assisting professionals facing allegations of professional misconduct, including allegations of serious sexual or financial impropriety. We often assist professionals facing the added stress of defending against contemporaneous civil, College and criminal proceedings, and understand the importance of providing discreet and cost-effective representation.

Mental Health

We regularly represent individuals who have been involuntarily detained in hospital or who have been found incapable of consenting to treatment, pursuant to the Mental Health Act and Health Care Consent Act. We defend clients who may fall under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Review Board, and represent individuals at dangerous offender hearings, fitness hearings, and hearings and appeals relating to NCRMD findings.

We are committed to our clients’ best interests…